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Members of the 14th Virginia Cavalry Regiment are proudly preserving the past thru recreating how the soldiers lived, fought and died during the most pivotal point in our history, the American Civil War, 1861 to 1865.


Our Mission

We are Living Historians portraying a Military way of life, and we are also a family group where families are important!  We encourage all family members to become involved, either as a military member or as an esteemed Civilian!  Everyone can play an important role...  


We are horse soldiers, using the tack, uniforms and weapons of that period. Enjoy a rare glimpse of how men lived, trained and fought during these historic times.


We are members of the Washington Civil War Association (WCWA).  Members from across the state  gather for one weekend a month throughout the Summer to create a glimpse of the past. You will see Federal, Confederate, Civilian camps, and full scale battles involving infantry, artillery and of course cavalry!

We portray both sides of the conflict, as Confederates we are Company G of the 14th Virginia Cavalry Regiment and as Federal, we are Company D of the 2nd US Regiment of Cavalry. 



Contact Information

Recruiting Officers:

          Captain Bob Davisson

           Spokane, WA





Postal address
1710 W Borden Spokane WA 99224
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